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Academic Value Of Our Contests

The inaugural international event organized by Innovative Learning (Kangourou Sans Frontiere) in Pakistan was the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC). This contest boasts contributions from leading education experts hailing from over 100 countries, all holding doctoral degrees from some of the world's most prestigious universities. The extensive support for this contest comes directly from numerous universities worldwide. A significant strength of the IKMC lies in the backing it receives from dozens of National Mathematical Societies, research institutions, and various Math Trusts, including the esteemed UK Math Trust. In countries with well-developed academic systems, a National Mathematical Society typically represents all major universities and plays a crucial role in shaping education policies. Additionally, many leaders of International Mathematics Olympiads endorse and support the IKMC.
The IKMC has earned numerous prestigious international awards, including the Paul Erdos Prize, acknowledging its exceptional contribution to enhancing the quality of education in schools. This recognition establishes the IKMC as a contest with the highest academic value. Similarly, all the contests organized by Innovative Learning and Inventive Learning uphold the utmost academic standards for similar reasons.


Aims & Objectives

Innovative Learning and Inventive Learning bring together the expertise of education professionals worldwide with the goal of fostering a culture of critical thinking, clear reasoning, and effective communication skills. Innovative Learning and Inventive Learning are dedicated to contributing to the educational advancement of Pakistani schools and colleges through various initiatives, including hosting the world's largest mathematics contest and an annual international linguistic contest.
These competitions offer early international recognition to school children, and we are committed to ensuring Pakistani children actively participate in and benefit from these opportunities. These contests provide a platform for them to demonstrate their talent on the global stage, asserting that their abilities are unmatched at the international level.
The International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC) serves as a source of intellectual encouragement for all participants, challenging the brilliance of the most gifted minds. Our aim is to instill confidence in Pakistani children regarding their mathematical comprehension, emphasizing the practical applications of mathematics in the laws of nature and human lives. We strive to develop their ability to find joy and fulfillment through intellectual pursuits, highlighting the crucial role of mathematical education in all aspects of life.
Participation in the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest multiple times during school education has been observed to positively impact performance in entry tests for medical/engineering colleges, universities, and other professional degree programs worldwide. This is attributed to the contest's emphasis on enhancing participants' skills in responding to entirely novel and original questions.
Innovative Learning is thrilled to announce the launch of the International Bebras Informatics Contest (IBIC) and the International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC) in Pakistan. IBIC is dedicated to fostering a culture of education in computer science, while IKMC provides an exciting avenue for participants to delve into the world of mathematics.
Inventive Learning is taking charge of organizing the International Kangaroo Science Contest (IKSC) and the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC) in Pakistan. These contests share the same ethos and goals as IKMC. The International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC) specifically emphasizes the enhancement of English communication skills, acknowledging their pivotal role in education.


The Spirit of our Contest

All our competitions are designed with the aim of expanding the horizons of Pakistani children, fostering and cultivating their capacity for unconstrained thinking. Our objective is not to evaluate their memorized knowledge; rather, we seek to provide students with an opportunity to showcase the exceptional capabilities of their minds when free from constraints. We strongly advise principals and teachers not to burden students with preparation for the Kangaroo exam. The Kangaroo Contest is not an exam; it is a unique lesson of the year, one of significant value. We encourage educators to let students enjoy this lesson without stress, ensuring that no child is deprived of this experience. Allow their minds to soar beyond the curriculum and textbook formulas, giving them the freedom to explore beyond boundaries and exhibit their individual natural talents. Each child has something valuable to gain from it, with the potential to learn something different based on their aptitude and interests.
In our contests, children will encounter a variety of problems and questions they may not anticipate. This unpredictability is a crucial aspect of the training we aim to provide. When students can successfully tackle unexpected questions, they develop a reliance on their own cognitive abilities. The learning experience from Kangaroo Contests extends beyond the contest period. Students take the question booklets with them, sparking dialogues between parents and children, as well as teachers and students, about these unexpected problems. This dialogue continues for an extended period, offering valuable insights into what children in other countries are engaging with. This is the genuine benefit of participating in an international contest.
While we acknowledge that it takes courage from teachers to expose their students to such international contests, we believe the long-term benefits and unique learning experiences far outweigh any initial apprehensions.

Kangaroo Team in Pakistan

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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General Manager

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Head of Operations

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